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Frequently asked questions

Why do i need to have my caravan or motor home serviced?

 To protect your investment:  in order to keep your caravan in good condition an annual service is recommended. A service will bring early signs of water ingress to light allowing you to take the necessary steps to prevent further deterioration.

 To keep things safe: it is your responsibility to keep your ‘van in a roadworthy condition regardless of its age. Chassis, brakes, road lights and hitch assembly are checked and adjusted as part of a standard full service.

To maintain your warranty: most UK built ‘vans and motor homes come with a minimum of 6 years water ingress warranty. In order for the warranty to remain valid, an annual service at specified intervals will be required. Please check your warranty handbook for manufacturer specific details.

Are you an approved workshop?

 Yes! we are an independently assessed Approved Mobile Workshop. We can therefore carry out service work on most  caravans and motor homes still under manufacturers’ warranty without invalidating the warranty.

Find our page on the Approved Workshops website here: Kurt's Mobile Caravan Services.

Please check the list of companies that endorse the Approved Workshop Scheme here: https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/supporters

What sort of work do you carry out?

 We cover most aspects of caravan service and repair but recommend that water ingress repairs are carried out in a workshop environment.

Give us a call if the job you want doing is not listed in our "services" section and we will advise you if we can help you.

How much does it cost?


Service cost*:

  Habitation service        Full service               
Single axle caravan                                    £190                 £220

Twin Axle caravan


Motorhome**              £200                   n/a
Campervan**               £170                   n/a

*the service cost covers all the work carried out as per the service schedule. It also includes consumables like grease and (brake)cleaners. Parts are not included. There will be an extra charge for one shot hub nuts, bulbs, water filters etc if used.

*small jobs like tightening blinds, adjusting cupboard doors etc will be carried out free of charge as part of the service if they can be carried out within the allocated service time. Any more involved jobs which require extra time or a return visit will be charged at the going hourly rate.

**a motor home and campervan service is always a habitation service only. We do not service the base vehicle 

 we will carry out a caravan habitation service only (as opposed to a full service) on customer request. Please note though, if your caravan is still under manufacturer warranty, that a full service may be required to maintain the warranty. Kurt's Mobile Caravan Services ltd takes no responsability for loss of warranty if the customer books a habitation service only.


 Repair cost:

For repairs (or any other job which is not a service)  a £50.00 call out fee is applicable. The call out fee may be waved for any repairs carried out during a return visit if the fault was identified at the time of a fully paid for service but insufficient time was available at the time of the service or spares needed to be ordered.

Repairs are charged at £60.00/hour. Charges are made in 15 minute blocks and are applicable as soon as a new 15 minute block has started.

How about payment?

All invoices are payable upon presentation. If the work is carried out in the absence of the customer, the invoice will either be left in the vehicle or sent to the home address. This will be discussed at the time of the booking. Payments should be made as soon as possible but certainly no later than 14 days from receiving the invoice.

Payments can be made in cash, by cheque or BACS. We do not accept card payments.

How "mobile" are you?

We work from a fully equipped mobile workshop which is stocked with all the necessary tools and a large selection of spares. We carry our own power generator, water and gas supply. We can therefore service your caravan or motor home virtually anywhere as long as the surroundings allow.
Please make sure however that, if we are working on a site which is not your own,  the person responsible for the site is happy for us to work there and that the necessary arrangements have been made for key handover.
The normal charge will still apply if we are unable to carry out the planned work due to the fact that the vehicle is not accessible or the keys are not available.
Extra charges will apply for generator use and if we need to supply the gas for appliance testing.

Do I need to empty my caravan or motor home for the service?

No, not entirely. We will need access to all cupboards, storage areas and appliances to be able to carry out the service properly. It is therefore important that everything is accessible within reason. An extra charge may apply if we have to remove items from the vehicle to gain access.

We take great pride in our work and always use sheets to cover the area in which we work. We will leave the vehicle in the condition that we found it in. Please note that, just as we like to leave your vehicle in a clean condition, we also like to work in clean surroundings. We reserve the right to not start a job if the vehicle is found to be in an unacceptable condition. Regular charges will still apply.

How much space do you need?

We need to be able to move freely around the caravan or motor home and expect to find at least 1 metre space around all sides.It is also important that the vehicle is on a level, solid surface. This is especially the case for caravan servicing where we will be jacking up the ‘van.
Full service charges will still apply if we cannot carry out the planned work due to the working area being unsuitable.

What do i receive after work has been carried out?

After repair work you will receive an invoice which describes the work carried out, the parts used and a breakdown of the labour cost.After a service you will receive an invoice as well as the completed Service Schedule, Damp Report, Finalisation and Observation Report and Condition/Acceptance Report.

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